Wednesday, February 2, 2011

review : moroccan oil

my hair's best friend ? moroccan oil !

Moroccan oil has been raved about a lot lately , and for good reasons ! 
This product contains the rare argan oil that is exclusive to Morocco , which 
is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.  It runs a bit pricey , but I believe it's 
worth every penny .  The product can be used to control frizz , restore over
processed hair, hydrate and rejuvenate hair. Also, can be used as a hair

how I use :
After washing hair proceed to towel dry. Then apply a quarter-sized amount
of oil to where ever needs an extra boost ! I apply it mostly to my ends to add
control and shine. You can also work the product from your roots to ends.  
Don't worry about your hair becoming greasy , it's incredibly light weight.  
I let my hair air dry with this product in because I believe it lets my natural 
curls show. 

Moroccan oil can be found at most salons for around $35