Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glamour ft. Lily Collins

Glamour: What's your approach with makeup?
LC: Less is more. When I travel to Europe, I go days without putting anything on. It feels healthier. I just never understood the idea of caking it on.
 The more you have on your face, the more there is to smudge and go wrong.

read the rest of the interview here ! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seattle , WA haul !

 target / GAP
 H&M / target 
  New Chuck Taylors 
 booties from Designer Shoe Warehouse 
 silver bow studs from GiGi's retro inspired clothing 

Monday, August 20, 2012

insta - weekend : Seattle , WA

1 ) on the road to the USA 2 ) random american sweets 3 ) Lake Washington sunset
 4 ) random Snoqualmie Collage 5 ) Historic Snoqualmie building 6 ) blissberri 7) playing settlers of Catan 
8 ) dinner at Zeeks Pizza 9 ) walking around town in my new shoes 
10 ) Pyke Place Public Market  11 ) Raspberry milkshake at Tully's  12 ) all my goodies 

This past weekend I took a road trip with my boyfriend and his parents to visit his family down in Seattle. 
 We drove down stopping at outlet malls and small towns , ending up in Kirkland.
 The weather was perfect , along with the shopping! I will post a haul in the next few days! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ootd : beach day

( shirt - OBEY , shorts - GAP , shoes - Steve Madden , Watch - Michael Kors , Bracelet - H&M , sunglasses - Ray Ban )

Spent 3 hours relaxing in the sunshine at the beach with my boyfriend on sunday  ! A perfect way to end a weekend . 

Monday, August 13, 2012

tutorial : glitter stripe

1 .  paint your nails ( I used 'lucky lucky lavender' by OPI ) , let dry completely 

2 . grab some good ol' fashioned tape ( I used scotch tape )
3 . Pick up some chunky glitter's at your local craft store and use your favourite clear coat
4 . Place tape so that your left with a stripe in the centre of your nail.  Place clear coat evenly over stripe and attack it with glitter ! 
5 .  Remove tape and press down glitter so its flat.  Apply top coat and there you have it! Very easy and fun. enjoy! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

ootd : simple summer

( shirt - H&M , shorts - H&M , sandals - Old Navy , sunglasses - Ray Ban , eye glasses - Marc Jacobs

Casual walk around the seawall today in the sweltering heat! Kept it very casual and comfy , with the fun pop of neon. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

nail polish : olympics !

all images found on 

thats right ladies and gentlemen. . . I'm jumping on the London 2012 Olympics bandwagon!
 The above photos are of some of the beautiful athletes from all over the world rocking some 
seriously awesome nail art. Such a great way to support your country! 

Which country are you cheering on ?