Friday, September 12, 2014

My Patio Revamp!

For the past 4 years my patio was used as a storage area for our bike's.  Once we finally got an actual storage locker at my apartment, I convinced my boyfriend to throw the ol' bikes down there...let's face it sporty bike's aren't 'prettiest' thing to look at.  

Now for the fun part, making it a usable outdoor space! Living in Vancouver we're pretty lucky with our weather (except for when he rains for 30+ straight days ). But nonetheless, we can spend quite a lot of time outside! 

The first pieces I got for my patio were the flowers and plant boxes! I went out and picked out the 6 small plants that I was drawn to the most! Once the flowers were potted, I searched for an affordable 2 person patio set. I ended up finding the perfect little set on sale at JYSK. Lastly, the piece that makes it fun and inviting. . . MY OUTDOOR RUG! This was such an exciting piece to purchase.  My usual style is very muted and safe, so I defiantly stepped out of my comfort zone with this beauty and I'm so happy I did! 

P.S - A special thanks to my loving parents who treated me to the plant boxes and patio set! 

Where to buy 
Flowers - home depot
Plant boxes - JYSK
Patio set- JYSK  
Outdoor rug- Walmart