Sunday, April 17, 2011

OPI nail polish collection !

 Acrylic nail base coat ( bought accidental, thought it was just a plain white ! ) , Got a date to-knight (swatch)
 Hawaiian Orchid (swatch) , Lucky Lucky Lavender (swatch)
 Done Out in Deco (swatch) , Parlez-vous OPI ? (swatch)
 Java Mauve - A (swatch) , Cupp-a-Cawfee 
 Shorts Story (swatch) , Dim Sum Plum (swatch)
 Bogota Blackberry (swatch) , We'll Always Have Paris Suede (swatch)
Lunch at the Delhi (swatch) , Off with Her Red ! (swatch
 Dating a Royal (swatch) , Jade is the New Black (swatch) , Give Me Moor ! (swatch)

 and lastly . . . 
sample sizes of Rapi-dry top coat , and chip skip 

hope you all enjoyed a look into my collection !
which brand of polish is your favourite ?