Sunday, April 3, 2011

review : L'oreal lash architect mascara

" false lash effect mascara "

as you can hopefully see, i'm wearing this l'oreal mascara on my one eye with no mascara at all on my other ! it really shows the difference this mascara makes ! I just got this mascara a couple days ago( thanks to my mum ! ) and i have been wearing it since . i gave this product the big test by wearing it to work , I work in a restaurant so i'm constantly running around try to satisfy customers . this mascara defiantly stayed in place throughout the night , also its not water proof ! i love a good non-waterproof mascara that will not budge . i give this product a 5/5 , it really does give a "false lash effect" without being too over the top . you can find this product at select drugstores.