Sunday, July 17, 2011

body type vs. bathing suits


Women with a triangular body shape tend to carry their 
weight in their hips and thighs. Their hip measurement 
is usually larger then their bust, and the have a small 
waist. Celebrities with triangular figures: Kim Kardashian,
Shakira, Rihanna, Eva Mendes

shopping tips 
-if you are self conscious about showing too much skin, 
try boy shorts for some extra coverage
-show off your tummy!
-mix and match! use patterned and more bright colours 
for your top and keep the bottoms a solid colour like black.
-the strapless bandeau is your best friend.  


An inverted triangle shape means you have a larger bust,
wide shoulders with small hips. Celebrities with your body 
shape: Victoria Beckham, Audrina Patridge, Jessica Simpson, 
Angelina Jolie

shopping tips 
-dont go for a strapless top, you need more support!
-play it safe with underwire, halters, and thick straps
-Draw attention to your lower half with a bright fun 
pattern (keep up top simple)

Woman with a rectangular body shape have strong shoulders,
proportional hips and an undefined waistline. Celebrities with
a rectangular shape: Cameron Diaz, Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson, 
Kelly Ripa

shopping tips
-if you want to go with a one piece, try one with a belt to 
define your waist 
-since your shape is "boxy" use ruffles, ties, and girly details 
to draw attention to your bust and hips
-side-ties draw a appealing attention to your hips 


Women with an hourglass figure tend to have their
bust and hips very equal with their waite being much
smaller. An hourglass figure can pull of almost anything!
but do try and stay away from mixed patterns , you don't
want you proportional body to look disproportional!
Celebrities with your body shape: Scarlett Johansson,
Selma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet