Sunday, August 14, 2011

interview : Sarah Hawkinson

1 . tell us about yourself and how you started your youtube channel and blogging...
I haven't always been fashionable, I was never allowed to go to the mall as a teen, I only shopped at Kmart. When I got a job at 16, I decided to finally go to the mall, and ever since I've had a minor shopping problem! I started my channel on a whim, not knowing it would lead me here. I honestly thought when I started maybe ten people would watch me; I didn't think I was that interesting! Blogging I've done practically my whole life in one way or another, I've had like ten blogs total, I always get bored and change it up!

2.describe your style in 3 words
Edgy, androgynous, casual

3.what is your go-to make up brand?
I don't really have a go-to makeup brand, but I guess I would say in general MAC.

4. who is your favourite designer?
Hands down, Balmain

5. what are 5 staple pieces in your closet?
Dark skinny jeans, casual graphic tees, colored and plaid button ups, lots of boots, and lots of cardigans in all colors.

6. which fall trend are you looking forward to the most?
Dark, gothic colors are really making a comeback, I'm definitely going to be rocking some all black looks.

7. what summer trend have you been rocking the most?
 I don't really follow summer trends, I always live in fall and winter, but I've been loving tribal, ethnic, mixed with grungy, rocker accessories.

8. who is your style icon?
I have a few, Lily Donaldson, Taylor Momsen, Audrina Patridge, and Alexa Chung. (Among many other famous bloggers.)

9. which nail polish are you wearing right now?
Celeb City by Sally Hansen

10. what are your favourite clothing stores?
H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 primarily online shopping, and an online shop called Mikkat Market.

11. favourite perfume?
 Embrace Happiness by Mary Kay (discontinued), but I'm loving Marc Jacobs Eu So Fresh.

12. do you have any advice for some one who is wanting to start a youtube channel or a blog?
Make sure that you're knowledgeable in the subject, have experience, or a strong opinion. No one wants to see someone say the exact same thing another guru has said. 

13. what are you doing when your not making videos or blogging?
I'm watching scary movies all the time, hanging with my fiance, and working a lot!

14. what are your personal favourite blogs? why?
 Fashiontoast is amazing, her style is my dream style. The Blonde Salad is also a dream blog because she travels, and owns amazing designer jewelry and clothes. PURE LOVE is perfection because of her sense of style. and LLYMLRS just because :)

15. what trend do you wish you could bring back from the past and which current trend do you wish didn't exist?
 I don't wish I could bring a style back mainly because I love this generation of style! And I wish harem pants didn't exist. I've seen them pulled off beautifully, but it gives others a false sense of hope who couldn't really pull them off. (Though I believe everyone should wear whatever makes THEM happy. Not the fashion world.)

16. which beauty product could you not live without ? 
I couldn't live without my sunscreen. I know that's so boring, but it will save me from having to buy a lot more beauty products in the future. (For the record, I use Neutrogena Dry Touch Sun Block. It's really amazing.)