Wednesday, August 17, 2011

review : Sally Hansen french manicure pen

 finished the white tips at 5 coats...
 used Sally Hansen Insta-Strong nail hardener as my top coat 
all finished!

over all this product is alright, not outstanding but alright. The pen tip makes the whole french tips a lot easier to do, and a lot quicker ( this product dries UBER fast ). The only kind of let down is the fact that it took 5 coats to make the tip of my nail completely white, while on the package it says that it works with one swipe over the nail ... false much?  Also , this product chips very easily (too easily) ! but the pen tip makes it easy to touch up. This product would be great for a quick manicure to get ready for a night out!  For the price ( under $4.00 ) I would say it is worth it. I'll give this product a 2/5 , and I will not repurchase it.