Monday, January 30, 2012

review : Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Shadow

There has been a lot ( I  mean A LOT) of buzz about these new cream eyeshadows that are newly released by Maybelline. Many are comparing them to MAC's Paint Pots , some are even going as far to say that they prefer them over the paint pots. They cost $9 each and you can pick them up at any drugstore. 

 There are 10 different colours available , but since I don't wear bright colours or I don't really do shimmer, I went with the only matte neutral colour "tough as taupe".  I'm not sure if they really last 24hr's , but I did wear it for over 7 hours before I finally took all my make - up off.  Even after I washed my face you could still faintly see the product when I woke up the next morning (impressive!) . 

I found it best to apply the shadow lightly with your fingers and then blend it out around the edges with your favourite blending brush! In the photo I included of myself , I am only wearing "tough as taupe". So as you can see , you could JUST wear this shadow and look completely made up! No one will know it took you less then 1 minute to do your make-up.  This shadow shows no signs of creasing , so it's perfect to use as a primer/base.  

I recommend this product for everyone. Its affordable and it's my newest "holy grail" product!