Sunday, February 10, 2013

monthly memories : January 2013

 ( 1. pug socks bought at top shop 2. homemade veggie enchiladas 3. rainy walk along the seawall in vancouver 4. sunday brunch with my best friends 
5. OPI's 'my very first knockwurst' with zoya glitter 'ziv' 6. a much needed happy meal after over 10 hours at school 7. homemade veggie chilli
 8. drafting assignment for school 9. colour theory assignment 10. a yummy date night with the love of my life 11. shading assignment 12. design concept assignment 
13. getting my nails ready for valentines day ! 14. part of my final assignment 15. dinner while drafting . . .  )

I want to start by apologizing for dropping off the radar (except instagram) for the past month ! I have been so busy and over whelmed with school , that I sadly haven't had any time to blog.  With the weather (kinda) starting to warm up , I hope to get out there and take some outfit pictures ASAP! I hope everyone has enjoyed  the first month of the new year and I cant wait to get back into the swing of things ! Happy Sunday ! xx